Jul 5, 2013

Where's the Truck?

Someone must have put me in the middle of a street where I was hit by a truck!  Oy!  What a headache!  What a nose!  What a pain to breathe thru a mouth with a throat that's sore from a tube jammed down it during surgery.  Let me think . . . why did I do this?  

Surgery was two hours - then almost two hours for recovery.  I'm told it was image-guided surgery from the CT scan taken of my head and sinuses earlier this month.  Dr. Gardner told Bill it went very well - the nurses tell me I'll like Dr. Gardner a lot better in a week or two!

I felt like I had a hard time coming out of the meds.  The joy juice doctor knew I have an extreme reaction to pain meds, so he gave me some anti-nausea medicine which I think has me feeling out of it. I don't plan to take anything except Tylenol and the prescription antibiotics - with copious use of ice packs.

This is my second surgery of my adult life - the first being for a bunion in 2004.  I'm planning on this being my last - no more!!

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