Jun 27, 2009

Grand Girl Visit June 2009

My daughter and two grand girls (Grace, 12, and Claire, 8) were here for four days for a little vacation time for them and to help me celebrate my 39th birthday. I'm officially older now than both my children! Gracie's only request, other than going to Tuacahn Theater to see Footloose, was one or two trips to one of our favorite restaurants, Chuck-a-Rama. The reason it's a favorite?? The home made yeast rolls. This photo says it all.

We took in a bread baking class at Leavitt's kitchen shop, shopped the mall and the outlets (scoring big at Eddie Bauer), made sure we hit all the best restaurants, swam at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center, got Claire's car sickness tendency eliminated by the local NAET doctor, Dr. Pinkston, took in the dinosaur museum (real footprints and impressions of dinosaurs found here in St. George), and saw the most awesome production of Footloose. Thayne Jasperson (So You Think You Can Dance, High School Musical, etc.) played the lead. What an incredible dancer and entertainer. There was even a surprise puff of smoke during the song I Need a Hero when Superman flew across the stage on the high wire. The girls were thrilled with the production and we felt it was the best we've seen yet at Tuacahn, the most gorgeous outdoor theater in the country, tucked into a natural setting of red rock cliffs. The girls are now in SoCal visiting some friends before heading home this weekend to Auburn, California. It was good to have them visit in June. In past years, they have only been free to visit in August - a very ugly hot and humid month for St. George.

I can assure you that it's easier to have kids in your 20's and 30's than it is to have grandkids in your . . . ummm . . . late 30's, so I'm off now to rest.

Photos from Footloose

Claire and Grace with "Urleen" and "Wendy Jo." Incredible singers and dancers!

"Willard" was one of our favorites.
His personality popped on stage
and he was delightful to talk
to after the show.

Jun 3, 2009

Burrill Relatives

While searching for Burrill ancestors, I came across the website of Dan, a third cousin. On his website were photos of my great grandfather and his siblings. Dan’s ancestor, Sadie Burrill, was my great grandfather’s sister. I was able to locate Dan in Washington state and eventually made contact with him and his sister, Leslie, and more cousins, Sally Jean and Margaret Ann. What a wealth of information went flying back and forth!! Thanks to them I have much more of a background on the Burrill descendants. One of the joys of genealogy is locating cousins and then finding out what great people they are. :)))

Sadie's 75th birthday. (She looks so
much like my Grandma Faye!)