May 10, 2014

LA Poster

Finally found the appropriate artwork for our great room niche - an L.A. poster, celebrating the area where Bill and I met.  We actually met at our office building at 3250 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles when he was in an insurance office on the 21st floor and I was in a law office on the 16th floor.  It only took 8 years to find this poster. :}
3250 Wilshire Boulevard Photo by Wayne Lorentz.

May 2, 2014

Bill's New Computer

Bill's 7 year old laptop has been retired.  We finally replaced it - and what a time that was!!  I struggled with the e-mail program we use and finally admitted defeat and had our IT expert set it up properly.  Hopefully that is the end of our issues and Bill can now get back to reading 2300+ emails!