Dec 13, 2014

I Need a Coffin!

No, not THAT kind!  I need Sybil Coffin.  Sybil Coffin married my second great uncle, John Washington Burrill, in 1889 in Minnesota.  Sybil was born in Michigan in September of 1867, the 10th of 11 children of Isaac and Jeanette (Richardson) Coffin.  Son, John Wesley (usually seen as Wesley) Burrill was born 13 Feb 1891 in Minnesota.  Cousin Ellen Jean advised me that John's sister wrote to the family mentioning that her brother, John, was going to San Francisco, California to join the Yukon Gold Rush.  Family lore states that John ended up working on cable cars and was crushed by one on 22 Jul 1898 at the age of 41.  He is buried at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, California.

In June of 1900, for the 1900 census, Sybil is in Arbuckle Township, Colusa County, California, recently married to John W. McDonald, a widower with three sons.  Son Wesley is with her and his stepfather.

By Feb of 1906, Sybil filed a lawsuit for divorce because of neglect.  In the 1910 census, Sybil is in Burney Valley township, Shasta County, California as a housekeeper for a single farmer, Alonzo B. Metzker (also seen as Metsker).  In May of 1911, two pieces of property in San Francisco on Edinburgh Street, one from Wesley and one from Sybil, are transferred to an Ella Feige.  Here is where the trail ends.  I don't know if Sybil married again.  I find no info on death for her.  

I do have a FamilySearch death notice for her son, Wesley Burrill, on 12 Feb 1916 in Clackamas, Oregon at 24 years of age.  I've not been able to find an obituary for him, either.  Sybil's father, mother and at least two of her brothers died in Oregon, so I have concentrated my research in Oregon and California.  So far no luck. 

Nov 28, 2014

My new favorite worship song

or maybe you'd rather hear these awesome Camp Pendleton Marines sing it!  Oohrah!!
Days of Elijah by Marines


I'm thankful for beautiful grandkids; beautiful on the inside and outside!

Nov 13, 2014

On the Mend

Bill saw our family physician on Monday who pronounced him good to go - healing well and everything in a normal condition at this stage of healing after he tripped over a laptop cord and took a major hit to his forehead.  He still has a colorful eye and the 14 stitches will leave a scar above his brow, but we're told that will make him a more rugged-looking Marine.

Today he had a follow-up with his cardiologist who said his labs looked good, gave some advice on a supplement and will check with him again in six months.

Nov 4, 2014

14 Stitches

We were all ready to go to a birthday party for a friend last evening.  Bill went to the media center to put away his headphones, caught his foot on the cord to the laptop that I had left out after working on computers and down he went, hitting his forehead on the floor.  He cut quite a gash above his left eyebrow.  We are both blaming ourselves.

So we went to the ER instead of the party.  Bill told everyone at the ER he was missing birthday cake.  He got 14 stitches, 3 inside and 11 outside and is doing fine.  They took an MRI.  Everything looks good but we are to watch for any unwanted reactions over the next couple of weeks, for possible bleeding on the brain.  Stitches come out Saturday.  He's really swollen and the bruising is beginning.  He looks like he lost to Ali.  He will be aglow soon.  Say a prayer, OK?

Oct 30, 2014

A Month I Want to Leave Behind

A major hard drive crash this month!  If I had it to do over again, there are a lot of smart things I would do that I didn't do after getting my latest computer.  I had too much trust in Carbonite - which did its job, by the way - but what good is a backup when you can't even get into your computer to back files up?!?  No, I hadn't made a repair disc.  Sheesh.  So here it is, 15 days later and I'm still not back to "normal."  Everything seems to be fine except my e-mail program, which I use the most of all. 

Oct 17, 2014

Back to Parks Research

I am back to Parks research, both for my line and for Cousin Carol's line through our DNA connection.  But first I must wait for my reformatted hard drive.  A botched attempt to add some incorrect version software seems to have set off a firestorm, possibly with other issues involved, and now I will need to reload programs and get all my data from backup.  This is not my favorite thing to do!

Sep 14, 2014

O'Tooles of Tipperary

A “hit” on the O’Toole DNA brought me in contact with Cousin Colleen.  Colleen has ancestors in County Tipperary, but seemingly no O’Tooles.  Common names to both our trees are Sweeney and Meagher.  While we were not able to find a match at this time, we worked on some elusive ancestors of hers, one of them Patrick Tracy (sometimes Treacy; sometimes Tracey] who was born in August of 1860 in Drangan, Tipperary the eighth child of William (Liam) Treacy and Mary Byrne.  According to family lore, Patrick arrived in Boston about 1881.  There were relatives in Appleton, Wisconsin, but according to my research, Patrick settled in Covington, Baraga, Michigan where he married Mary Doeing (sometimes seen as Doering or Deering) in 1903.  In 1926 the family is seen in Lake County, Indiana where Patrick died in June of 1934.  

His obituary reads:
1934 Jun 4, Hammond Times, P83, Hammond, Indiana
Patrick Tracey[sic] Dies Sunday
Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Patrick F. Tracy, 75, who died Sunday morning in St. Catherine’s hospital.  He resided at 1402 East Chicago avenue and had lived here eight years.  Besides his wife, he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Mary Gatewood, Mrs. Agnes Ebeltoft and Miss Catherine Tracy, and by two sons, William and John Tracy.  Rites will be conducted at 9 a.m. tomorrow at St. Patrick’s church, Indiana Harbor, and interment will be in Mount Mercy cemetery.

Patrick and Mary (Doeing) Tracy had at least seven children:
Francis H. Tracy (1903-1903)
Mary F. Tracy Gatewood (1905-1986)
William P. Tracy (abt 1907-Unk)
John Henry Tracy (1908-1979)
Agnes Cecelia Tracy Ebeltoft (1914-2000)
Catherine M. Tracy Day (1920-2003)
Frank Fremont Tracey (1922-1922)

We will keep an eye on this connection and hope to find more DNA matches to make the search more productive.

Aug 25, 2014

Follow-up Doctor Visit

Visited the pain doctor today for a follow-up.  I'm doing very well.  She thinks I'll get a minimum of six months' relief from the recent pain shot (I was hoping for more) and that I can take a couple of meds that won't hurt my various organs or become addictive (I was going cold turkey).  Since my allergies have improved so much and since she thinks spinal decompression will help, things are looking good for this non-healing injury. 

Aug 18, 2014

Miss Mary Ann of Romper Room

Remember Romper Room???

My great great grandfather, James Parks, had a daughter, Lydia Jane Parks (sister to my great grandfather).

Lydia married (2d husband) William F. Mullen and they had a son, Alonzo Mullins (he changed the name from Mullen to Mullins) who moved from Indiana to Iowa and then to California where he was a minister in the Ceres area.

Alonzo and his wife had five girls.  The second girl was Virginia (Betty) Mullins who married an unrelated (at least as of now) Parks, Lloyd S. Parks (born and died in Modesto).

Lloyd had an older brother named Stanley R. Parks whose son, Douglas Eugene Parks (who went to Cal Poly San Luis), married Mary Ann Carpenter who became Miss Mary Ann on Romper Room.

And that is how I am “related” to Miss Mary Ann of Romper Room.  It was Miss Mary Ann who taught Shannon the Pledge of Allegiance.  My software says the relationship is Miss Mary Ann’s husband is my “nephew of husband of second cousin 1 times removed."  Life's a romp!