Aug 30, 2016

August Visit at SUVH

Here is son Mark visiting with his dad at Southern Utah Veterans Home.

Aug 18, 2016

August Trials

As we attempted to settle in at the Southern Utah Veterans Home, medical wizards thought anti-psychotics might help Bill adjust.  Wrong!  The first one (which the doctor insisted on trying twice) was a disaster both times, and the second one was equally as disastrous, with slightly different side effects.  The doctor wanted to give the second medication a second try, but the first was so devastating, I pulled the plug on that!  Something needs to happen to allow sleep, which has been problematic for two-three years, but we have not yet found the solution.  Sedatives usually have an undesired side effect, too, but maybe we'll try a very small dose - after we try coffee to see if that will calm him.  We pray for a solution!

Jul 26, 2016

July Visitors

Jay, Jill, Jenna and Juliette visited and assisted with acclimation to the Veterans Nursing Home in Ivins, Utah. They were so helpful with furniture that we wanted in the room, shopping and keeping spirits up.

July Happenings

A sad event in July.  Bill moved into the Southern Utah Veterans Home, having been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia.  It is a traumatic change in our lives, devastating to both of us.  We are trusting in God's grace to get us through the coming months/years.

Jun 29, 2016

Addn'l June Visitors

Just had a great visit with Shannon and granddaughter, Claire.  They were here from the 26th thru the 29th.  We went to Tuacahn for the show Peter Pan, ate out, celebrated my birthday at Olive Garden (a couple days late) and did our bit for keeping the economy of St. George running smoothly.

Photos from Peter Pan:

Onion rings at Iceberg!

Jun 14, 2016

June Visitors

Anne Scott and her two have been and gone, having successfully inspected all areas of shopping in St. George.  Someone had to do it!!

Photos from our evening at Tuacahn Theater - Tarzan:

The Girls!

May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

So great to have Bill's son, Mike, and grandson, David, with us for a day and a half.  They enjoyed a respite from the humidity in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


May 3, 2016

2016 April - Roses Recovering

Ground cover roses are recovering from a nasty cutback a year and a half ago - by a new gardener who didn't know better.  :|  They look better every day.

Feb 3, 2016