Sep 13, 2019

Go Sili!!

Everyone seems to be getting on the "plastic straw replacement" kick these days.  I've gotten them as a gift and it started my awareness of the different brands on the market.  My grocery store had them in the bin where there are travel samples of various items, so I have gifted them to friends.  Here's a website

Sep 11, 2019

White Chili!

Many people know me for my super fantastic, award-winning chili.  It is definitely a winner and quite unbeatable, if I do say so myself, but I tried this white chicken chili today from House of Yumm.  I'm not sure I would call it "chili," however, as it seems more like soup to me.  Nevertheless, it is delicious and I've several containers in the freezer to enjoy later.  The only thing I changed -- took out the jalapeno!  There is still a teeny kick to the soup, but it's just right.

Aug 27, 2019

I Love Tuacahn

This year I bought season tickets for all three Tuacahn musicals for an incredibly low price.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  I've already seen When You Wish and Sound of Music, but am really, really looking forward to Little Mermaid which, in my opinion, is the finest musical Tuacahn has ever produced.

Aug 6, 2019

SoUtah Devil Pups Are the Best!

2019 Devil Pup camp was the best in our Southern Utah 13-year history.  We graduated 10 more pups (8 shown here along with the Liaison Rep and Trainer); three pups earned perfect physical fitness awards, a fourth won the 95 percentile fitness award, and a fifth had the prestigious honor of carrying her platoon's Guidon and participating in the Guidon Retirement ceremony.  The entire increment (pups from California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah) produced 8 pups with perfect scores - and we had three of them.  All this at Camp Pendleton, California, where we are every summer for 10 days of youth citizenship camp.  Southern Utah teens are awesome!!!  Congratulatoins, Devil Pups!! 

Jul 22, 2019

No Black Cats, People!!!

1906 July 9, San Francisco Call, Vol. 100, No. 29, San Francisco, California
Black Cat Causes Death of a Woman in St. Louis
Climbs on Bed in a Hospital and Claws the Arm of Patient
St. Louis, July 8  The midnight visit of a black cat to her bed in a hospital caused the death of Mrs. Mary Ziegler, according to her physicians.  The cat climbed up in the bed and clawed the woman’s arm.  It was driven away by nurses and doctors, aroused by the shrieks of Mrs. Ziegler.  Mrs. Ziegler grew rapidly worse and died on the following night.

Jun 15, 2019

Pig's Eye

While researching an ex-husband's line for a third cousin, I ran across this interesting information:
2001 Jun 12, The Bismarck Tribune, P21, Bismarck, North Dakota
Monument dedicated to founder of St. Paul
Descendants of notorious whiskey runner ‘Pig’s Eye’ establish memorial

Hamilton (AP) – A monument to descendants of Pierre ‘Pig’s Eye’ Parrant, known as the notorious founder of St. Paul, Minn., has been dedicated in northeastern North Dakota.  The graves of Adolph Carl and four of his children are shaded by oak trees near a bend in the Tongue River.  They and several other children of neighboring settlers were buried in the tiny private plot before 1900.  Adolph Carl married Eleanor Parrant when he was an Army soldier stationed at Fort Pembina in 1873, and she worked as a maid there.  Eleanor was the daughter of Pierre “Pig’s Eye,” Parrant, the whiskey runner, fur trader and voyageur known as the founder of St. Paul.  Lillian Gilbertson, of Minneapolis, bought the granite monument and had it installed Friday.  She is Adolph Carl’s great-granddaughter, and Pig’s Eye’s great-great granddaughter.  A dedication service Saturday at the grave site included a military rifle salute.  Gilbertson, 81, was born just north of the grave site, on the farm homesteaded by Carl, a German immigrant who became a prominent citizen of the Hamilton area before his death in 1890.  Adolph and Eleanor Carl’s first child, Charles, was born in 1874 and became Lillian’s grandfather.  “My grandfather always said he was the first white child born at Fort Pembina,” she said.  Gilbertson says she is proud to be Pig’s Eye’s descendant, despite his reputation.  Historian I. Fletcher Williams' description of Pig’s Eye, quoted in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, has typed him: “a coarse, ill-looking low-browed fellow with only one eye.  He spoke execrable English.  His habits were intemperate and licentious.  The eye was blind, marble-hued, crooked, with a sinister white ring glaring around the pupil, giving a kind of piggish expression to his low, sodden features.”  Pig’s Eye was accused of stealing from John Jacob Astor’s fur company in St. Louis, Mo., and of selling whiskey to Indians and soldiers at Fort Snelling in 1832.  Authorities chased him away from the fort, so he ended up making and selling whiskey at Lambert’s Landing in what is now the heart of St. Paul.  His presence caused the place to be called Pig’s Eye Landing until it was changed to St. Paul.   

Pig’s Eye also followed the oxcart trails between St. Paul and Winnipeg, stopping off in Pembina, Gilbertson said.  Some believe he may be buried nearby.  Janell Norman, an amateur historian and genealogist in River Falls, Wis, who believes she is a descendant of Pig’s Eye, said he is buried in a cemetery near Pembina.  After Adolph died, his widow, Eleanor, moved to Milwaukee, where she is buried.  Laura Stearns, Gilbertson’s grandmother and Pig’s Eye’s granddaughter, played piano around the region in the early 20th century, for silent movies as a young girl in Langdon, and later in Minneapolis-area bars, Gilbertson said.  “When she played in St. Paul, the reporters would write that Pig’s Eye’s granddaughter is still selling whiskey in St. Paul,” Gilbertson said.  She said she bought the monument for Carl’s grave site because the tiny private cemetery had hardly any marker.  “My grandmother always said an unmarked grave is a disgrace,” Gilbertson said.  “She had a sister in the Bathgate cemetery in an unmarked grave.  When I was little, I would ride with my grandmother in a buggy by that cemetery, and my grandmother would cry.  So I wanted to mark Adolph’s grave.”

Jun 11, 2019

Beware the Kiss!
1851 Jan 16, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, P2, Brooklyn, New York
Judicial Noseology – In a town in England, recently, a somewhat novel precedent has been established - - a man attempted to kiss a married woman, against her will and had his nose bitten off.  He brought suit for damages.  The jury, without hesitation, acquitted her; and the chairman said, “that if any man attempted to kiss a woman against her will, she had a perfect right to bite off his nose, if she had a fancy for so doing!”

Jun 3, 2019

Oh, the Pain!!

Well, then, I have been richly blessed by God!  The indignity of a shot to "cure" the pain and swelling that hurts worse than the gout!!  Had to miss a meeting, missed a wedding I really wanted to attend, and couldn't play piano at church on Sunday morning.  Enough already!  These health issues that have been happening since Bill's death have got to stop.  Please, Lord!

May 27, 2019

2019 Memorial Day Taco

Endured the line at Cafe Rio . . .

While this meal was tasty, it in no way compared to my lunch 44 years ago today - my first date with a guy named Bill - Hamburger Hamlet on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.  
I sure miss you!

May 23, 2019