Nov 16, 2010

Marine Corps Ball and Thanksgiving Holiday

We have just returned from our annual whirlwind trip to the Bay Area for an early Thanksgiving holiday with our California kids and grands.

Our first stop (after a quick scrapbook stop at Archiver's in Orem) was in Salt Lake City where we attended their second annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball at the Marriott Downtown. There were approximately 525 people in attendance, including General John Kelly who was the guest speaker. (Two days later, General Kelly lost one of his two Marine sons who were in Afghanistan.) We saw many people we knew (Ray Bachiller had invited us) and met more new friends. We stayed at that hotel overnight. Here is a Shutterfly link to our photos from that evening. (Copy and Paste)

Our overall auto trip consisted of close to 1700 miles. Needless to say, I still have white center lines running through my head. We stopped overnight in Winnemucca, NV the day after the ball which was half way to Auburn, California where my daughter lives. It was very chilly, raining and threatening snow. After leaving Winnemucca for our drive across Utah and Nevada, we did run into snow. The roads were scary slushy, but fortunately it didn't last too long before we were out of it. We made a quick stop in Wendover where Bill "toured" the Historic Wendover Airfield.

A stop in Auburn for three nights is always a pleasure with two precious grand girls. Grammy got a scrapbooking trip at Green Tangerines and a fun time at the Roseville Galleria (which had recently had an unfortunate arson incident). Lots of yummy food is always on the agenda in Auburn.

The sixth day was a trip to San Rafael, CA for a visit to my thyroid specialist who, much to my delight, is increasing my meds so one of these days I may actually be feeling good again!! We drove to Mill Valley for dinner with Bill's son Mark and his family (and my son Jay from Alameda joined us). It's always so much fun to hear our children talking about their children's antics - sounds somehow familiar.

That night we "moved" to my son's home in Alameda. They live in a restored Victoria (in my daughter-in-law's family for years) on which my son is the chief contractor. He's done such a marvelous job with the house, which is still a work in progress. This home was the home in which our Thanksgiving dinner was held this year (the kids rotate that duty). We had 10 adults and 8 children so it was a lively time, with tons of food and laughter. We are blessed with such a great family.

Sunday morning was a trip to Danville for church services at our former church and breakfast at the Rising Loafer, a favorite Sunday breakfast haunt for us "back then." Then we headed down to Los Altos to visit with referred clients of Bill's whom we had not yet met in person. What a lovely gracious couple. Interestingly, their name is Park - a name I am researching for my maternal line.

The 5th stop was our usual "half way home" stop in Bakersfield. After Bakersfield, we stopped in Las Vegas to check out an errant headlight glitch on the car - turned out to be nothing (supposedly), but we took the chance for a light supper at Claim Jumper at Town Square in Vegas and got home at 9:20 p.m. Utah time.

So now you know why we call it a whirlwind - 5 different beds in 10 days and 1600+ miles. We're still zombies and hope that our colds are short lived.

Oct 10, 2010

FindaGrave Contributor

As part of my genealogy research, I am a contributor to the website known as FindaGrave. Check out my contributions here:

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Oct 1, 2010

Grand Canyon

One of the things we've wanted to do since we moved to St. George five years ago was go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for lunch. Today was the day. While we'd been told it was about a two hour drive, it was actually three from our door to the North Rim, with a stop for gas. The day was about 94 in St. George and 72 at the Rim. The skies over St. George have been a bit hazy with residue of a wild fire north of here and there seemed to be a little haze in the air over the Grand Canyon, too, but we still enjoyed the view. Utah has so many beautiful sights and we've only just begun to seek them out.

Aug 15, 2010

50's Donna

Download this mp3 from
a.) Typical School day
b.) Senior Prom
c.) Senior Play

Aug 7, 2010

New Cell Phones

Hey, we recently upgraded to Droid2s and different Bluetooths (teeth???). So if you call us, give us some time to figure out what we do to actually talk with you!

Jul 30, 2010

2010 Devil Pups

The number one project in the Toole home every year is the Devil Pup project. We've been fortunate to have the assistance of the Utah Dixie Marine Corps League Detachment #1270 the last three years for work detail and support when needed for this wonderful citizenship program for young people ages 14-17. Here are the kids we sent to camp this year. They're getting checked into camp and looking forward to a challenging 10 days on the base at Camp Pendleton. Check out the Devil Pup Shutterfly album at for daily activities.

Apr 16, 2010

A Genealogy Angel

Today I e-met a gal who volunteers for, as do I, who took some photos of grave stones for me in a cemetery in Whitesboro, New York. I had info on a branch of Bill's Connors tree but no photos. She took photos and uploaded them to the website which completed my memorials to these ancestors. Thank you, Sue Cross!

Sue also sent me the following poem and indicated I could use it and the author's name here. Very cute - explains it all!

The Elusive Ancestor
By Merrell Kenworthy
I went searching for an ancestor. I cannot find him still.
He moved around from place to place and did not leave a will.
He married where a courthouse burned. He mended all his fences.
He avoided any man who came to take the U. S. Census!

He always kept his luggage packed, this man who had no fame.
And every 20 years or so, this rascal changed his name.
His parents came from Europe. They should be upon some list
of passengers to U.S.A., but somehow they got missed.

And no one else in this world is searching for this man.
So, I play geneasolitaire to find him if I can.
I'm told he's buried in a plot, with tombstone he was blessed,
but the weather took engraving, and some vandals took the rest.

He died before the county clerks decided to keep records.
No family Bible has emerged, in spite of all my efforts.

To top it off this ancestor, who caused me many groans.
Just to give me one more pain, betrothed a girl names JONES!