Jul 30, 2013

Sinus Surgery Update

It's 3-1/2 weeks post sinus surgery and my second follow-up doctor's appointment went extremely well.  After the first follow-up appointment two weeks ago, I never wanted to see that doctor again!  It was brutal.  But this time he said I'm healing very well and was ahead of the game.  Because I'd done so well, he did not have to use suction (yay!) or the scope (double yay!).  I was pretty tired after this past weekend at Devil Pup graduation - it's a looooong trip!  But I continued with a nasal wash three times a day and it served me well.  I'll have some time to rest up before Devil Pup Awards Night on the 27th of August.  (See our marvelous 2013 Devil Pups in the post below.)

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