Jul 29, 2013

2013 Devil Pups

Another eight Devil Pups have graduated from Devil Pup summer camp at Camp Pendleton, California.  It was another long drive, to and from, with a number of changes to our plans, but we are safely home and happy with this year's Devil Pup results.  Here's a photo of six of the Pups, plus a link to more photos and videos of the main parts of the graduation ceremony.

2013 Devil Pup Photos

Such great kids!  They're easy to be with, so eager to do well at this camp, the most difficult camp for teens in the U.S., and they all completed all challenges and got their challenge coins after climbing Old Smokey at Camp Pendleton.  They were put to the test every day, every hour, and all came out extremely proud of themselves - much more confident and responsible citizens.  In addition to eight Pups, Mariah spent a month at Devil Pup camp as an Eagle.  Eagles are Devil Pup graduates who return to camp as staff assistants.  Congratulations to McKenzie, Ty, Micah, Daniel, Justin, Donovin, Andrew and Cody - and to Mariah as an outstanding Eagle! 

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