Jun 28, 2013

My Girls Have Gone

My girls are on their way back to California and I miss them already.  They were real troopers this year.  We battled temps of 110-113, but we held fast to our shopping and eating out routine.  Let me say that you do miss automobile air conditioning when it goes out in this kind of heat!   
Claire and Grace at Iceberg Drive Inn

Jun 27, 2013

Summer Craziness

What do we usually do in the crazy heat of summer?!?  Run around shopping, eating and playing in our sizzlin' St. George heat, pretending it doesn't exist, getting in and out of surface-of-the-sun too-hot-to-touch cars enjoying special time with Shannon and grand girls Grace and Claire.  By now it's become a tradition since they only have summer time to spend with the Old Folks in Utah! 

And a fun tradition that happens each year they visit is a trip to the theater at Tuacahn.  You might think that's a smart way to get out of the heat.  Not!  It's an outdoor theater!!  But no worries, it's only 102 by the time the show starts - and around 90 when the show's over at midnight.  These sturdy Auburn, Californias are almost as accustomed to the St. George Sun as we are!  Anything is worth a show at Tuacahn, right?

The heat of the sun DOES addle one's brain on occasion.  Grammy forgot the camera for this annual event and had to use a totally unacceptable cell phone camera!  Getting old has its advantages, but not when getting ready for the theater.  These actors with Grace and Claire are the mother and father in the show "Mary Poppins" and the little boy is Michael (Grant Westcott) their son.  He must have had lines in every scene of the play and performed them flawlessly - a tremendous actor.  What a future he'll have.  And Mindy Smoot Robbins as Mary (think Julie Andrews) couldn't be more polished - loved the flying-through-the-air-over-the-theater-audience, Mary!

From a local news article:  There are a number of curious and clever moments that intrigue, such as flying the kites, sliding down the rock side, the toys coming to life in the nursery.  When Bert walks up the side of the stage, hangs upside down across the top and then strides down again, it's impressive. There are horses and a stagecoach and a fluffy, talking puppy puppet. A giant tent rises straight out of the ground and foliage just bursts onto the trees. The special effects in this show are quite fun.
Sorry for the poor quality of this phone photo of Claire, Mindy and Grace.  What beautiful ladies, huh???!?  I'm sure all of them have their grandmothers' genes!!!

This actress, Heidi Anderson, is always up for an incredible performance.  She played Ursula, the Sea Witch, in Little Mermaid a couple years ago.  Wow!  We had a chat with her about how hot it must be to wear those heavy costumes and still dance and sing in the Tuacahn venue.  She's an extremely accomplished actress, having performed off Broadway in Phantom of the Opera, among others.

This theater experience was shared with friend Jill who endured the sweaty experience with us and held up very well.  It must have been a challenge to this recent transplant from Portland, Oregon!  We'll all be nursing our heat strokes today!  Wait . . . there's more shopping ahead!

Jun 25, 2013

Birthday Party!!

It's Grammy's birthday today.  What a treat - Shannon and girls came from California, and the Parks-Root clan from Henderson, NV stopped by on their way home from Park City, Utah.  It reminded me of my childhood days when the Parks and Dempster families spent so much time together, laughing and teasing and reminiscing.  We had a great time, and after listening to some of Bill's jokes, Darla declared that she now knows how to pray for Donna!  Love my Parks kin!
Darla, Hudson, Shannon, Grace, Donna, Claire, Bill, Remy, Debra, Contessa and Martha
Charlie is taking the photo!

 Grace, Shannon, Claire

Might Have a Talk with My Son!

OK, this was just too cute (and appropriate) not to share:  

Incredible that this intelligent 44-year-old doesn't remember that his mother is 29!  What's up with that?

Jun 20, 2013


What did my husband get for Father's Day?  A blood clot in his lung!  We went to the ER about 3:00 a.m. thinking it might be a heart issue, but it turned out to be a blood clot.  He was on drip blood thinners for a couple days and released on Tuesday afternoon.  He is recovering quickly and thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers!