Oct 15, 2012

Mystery Children - McDougalls??

Here's a photo, possibly circa 1890's of three children and one ratty dog!!  This photo was in my aunt's possession but she doesn't know who these children are.  For years she has been the repository for our family photos and now she is the last of her generation.  I am rebuilding her photo album/scrapbook and we'd like to discover who these children are.  

In a prior posting, I included a group photo that includes Persis McDougall Phelps.  A careful review of that group photo shows three children, at a slightly older age than this photo, who could well be these three children.  They are spread throughout that group shot, with the little girl close to the middle and the boys on each end.  Given that these three faces "could" be in the group shot, I am wondering if these are the children of Persis' brother, George McDougall (1853-1905) of Heart Prairie, Wisconsin.  His children were two boys, Colin (1883-1945), Shirley (1886-1951) and one girl, Nellie (b. abt 1889 - death unknown).  There is no identification of the photo whatsoever, other than a photographer's studio name which appears to be "Hoaglund and Anderson."  I've been unable to discover where that photographer was located in the timeframe of this photo.

Mystery Group

Here's a photo that's been in our family for decades.  We can identify four or five people in the photo.  I would love to know who the rest of the individuals are and possibly where.  Given the age of my grandmother, Bessie Mae Phelps Parks, in the front row, third from right with a middle part and braids, the photo is around 1895.  

The pretty lady in the middle row near the left end, with puffy sleeves, is Persis McDougall Phelps, the only daughter of William and Sarah Tucker McDougall.  William McDougall came from Canada and settled and raised a family of 8 children in Wisconsin.  Persis married Anson Decatur Phelps in 1865 in Wisconsin. By 1880, Anson and Persis were settled in Corning, Tehama County, California, engaged as fruit farmers.

In the back row, second from right with a small "x" that someone has written above her head is a woman who is said to be my great grandmother, Mabel Libby Phelps.  The man on the end may be her husband, Adelbert Anson Phelps, son of Persis and Anson.  In this timeframe, Adelbert and Mabel lived in Cherokee County, Iowa.

Not recognizing the majority of people in this photo makes me wonder if this is a McDougall reunion of some kind, with a few Phelps relatives thrown in.  If so, some of the males could be Persis' brothers and some of the women their wives.  Some of Persis' brothers, living at that time, were William, Edwin, Edgar and George.  I will post another mystery photo of three children that could possibly be children of George - who are also possibly in this large group photo.  Please contact me if you have any idea whose faces are in these photos.

Oct 12, 2012


Here's a site to search now and then.  People post photos they have of people they don't know.  I've got a few photos posted there.  Hopefully someone who knows who they are will eventually contact me.  Cute name for a genealogy site.
Dig Up Your Relatives at DeadFred.com - The Original Genealogy Photo Archive

Oct 8, 2012

Guess who is turning 80 on October 19th!!!  No, not Grammy, though at times I feel that age.  Bill was born in Rochester, New York in 1932, the only child of Richard and Gladys (Beck) Toole.  We are celebrating with a big birthday party at the SunRiver St. George ballroom on Saturday the 20th.  Lots of birthday cake and lots of fun, family and friends.  Five of our six kids plan to attend, along with lots of people from the St. George and surrounding area, many of them involved with Bill in various veteran-related matters.  A big Happy Birthday to my dear hubby!!!

Here are words from Dave Houston regarding William of Toole:  "I had the pleasure to serve and counsel with Bill as the Senior Vice Commandant for the Marine Corps League, Utah Dixie Detachment #1270 as he pushed to create the league here in Southern Utah. Bill is driven by his passion for the Marine Corps and Devil Pups. Once he got the ball rolling there was no stopping this force till the mission was complete. After serving as the founding Commandant for the Marine Corps League he saw another void in the Veterans organizations within Southern Utah and quickly came up with the idea of creating a collective group now know as the “Veterans Coalition of Southern Utah.” This group proved to be a valuable resource as the multiple veterans organizations came together concerning veterans issues. One of the first battles fought and won was that of the Veterans Home now located in Ivins. Bill’s drive and devotion has had a positive influence on our community and the veterans in our area. His devotion to the “Devil Pups” program has also had an influence in our community by including both young men and women in this time honored test of our youth. The feed back from parents and youth has been nothing short of remarkable in the transformation of attitudes and desire to become productive adults. As we all know, the success of any man can be attributed to a supportive and loving wife, and Donna has contributed to every step taken in the progress Bill has achieved.  To that extent this couple has contributed significantly to our community. God bless Bill and Donna as they continue to make our lives and community a better place to live.”

Oct 7, 2012