Feb 22, 2009

Parks Genealogy

I'm stuck - serious brick wall. I cannot find James Parks further back than the 1850 U. S. Federal Census for Blackford County, Indiana and 1860 census for Delaware County, Indiana. He is my great great grandfather. James gives Virginia as his birthplace in both censuses, and his given age would indicate he was born about 1790-1791. We have DNA posted at FamilyTreeDNA and the results are also posted on Ancestry.com. We belong to the Western Atlantic Haplogroup and indications are James' family was from Ireland. This is my mother's father's family.


  1. Nice site. I don't know if we are related but thought I would link up. I have a tin type that I have restored.

  2. Sorry, here is the video we did.

  3. Oh those Parks. I believe my Parks came to America in the late 1680s to western NJ from Cartmel Parish, Northumberland England as Quakers. Roger Parks is the name I associate with the crossing. There is a real interesting history with the Parks in this part of NJ. It had to do with the English voiding the land rights in and around Hopewell NJ and the Parks being part of a 50 family compact that sued the governor and lost. Which sent many of the Parks south with several french families including the Runyons (Rungnion). They settled in the Jersey Settlement in NC but in 1771 actually became part of the "Regulators War" which was fought over property rights again. Many were forced to leave, including many of the Parks tribe so they came through the Gap and up into the Lexington area. My ancestor, Samuel Parks and Charity Runyon were married in the Jersey Colony and migrated into KY. During the 2nd Great Awakening (a revival held in central KY during 1802-1804) The Parks and Runyon families became involved with the Shakers movement. Charity's father became a leader of the Church and helped found Plesant Hill KY. Samuel and Charity along with the married sister of Samuel and the brother of Charity, Barefoot Runyon came north to Prebble County OH in 1806. From there Curtis was born and bought land in 1827 stradling the IN/OH border in the little town of Boston IN south of Richmond. On this homestead, my great grand father, John, my grandfather, Ora and mother, Christine was born. I hope this sheds some light. You can meet my mother through a short trailer I put together on www.treeringfilms.com