Feb 22, 2009

Dempster Genealogy

The John Dempster Family

My Dempster genealogy is in a holding pattern right now. I’ve gotten the Dempsters back through my dad, Grandpa Henry and Great Grandpa John to Scotland and my 4th great grandfather Andrew Dempster, born 1738. In the process of Scottish research, I met a fourth cousin, Jill, whose Dempster ancestors settled in Michigan. She now lives part time in Michigan and part time in England where her husband has a home. She has sent photos of the Lesmahagow area of Scotland where our Dempsters originated. She’s a delightful person and very giving with the research she has completed on her branches. She is, after all, a Dempster!!

Another friend and special cousin I’ve met during Dempster research is Emerson who lives in Canada. His Dempsters came in through Canada and most of them stayed there. We have not made the connection with absolute proof, but it looks like one of Andrew’s sons, Samuel born about 1772, is his ancestor. Samuel would be my third great grand uncle and, thus, Emerson would be my fifth cousin. He works for Michelin Tire and lives just outside New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. One of his Dempster ancestors went to Ontario, Canada, and was credited as a baker of fame that eventually opened a very large company that is very well known in Canada and northern USA for their Dempster bread. The mystery of why I like bread so much has been solved!

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