Feb 22, 2009

Burrill Genealogy

[Great Grandparents George and Mary Jane Tullis Burrill]

Burrill genealogy is coming along nicely, due to the research talents of Vivien, my “Dempster” cousin Duane’s wife. The Burrills are my dad's mother's family. Burrill was my dad's middle name. I’m trying to add the English branch to the tree and it seems I have located George D.’s parents with the help of Barbara, another cousin. Those parents are George and Mary Carter. I believe George D.’s grandfather to be Henry, born 1742. At the times of most of those births, the family was in Bedale, Yorkshire, England. Grandma Dempster believed she was related to the Burrills of Massachusetts, and I’d like to find evidence of that yet. Since the Massachusetts Burrills were here in America long before George D. arrived, it is possible that one of the Burrills went back to England - or that the connection is much earlier in England.

Grandma Mary Faye
Burrill Dempster Eyres

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