Sep 29, 2015

Grandpa B. W. (Brick Wall) Parks

How can one man be so frustrating?  I have been hunting this man for years and cannot find his birth family.  He was supposedly born James Galloway Parks on 17 June 1791 in Virginia.  He may have lived in Kentucky before moving to Ohio and then to Indiana.  From what I've pieced together, and some of this is a fairly educated guess, his first wife was the mother of Elizabeth Parks (born 1812 in Kentucky) who married William H. Golden.  I believe his second wife to be Susannah Johnson, first married to a Mr. Goodman, and married to James Galloway Parks on 25 Aug 1829 in Ohio.  They had two children, John and Martha.  John died at age 10 and Martha married George Washington Harshman and died in 1902 in Indiana.  Third wife is my great grandmother, Eliza Jane Clevenger (first husband Isaac Thornburg with whom she had five children) who married James Galloway Parks in 1845 when he was 55 and she was 36.  She died after giving birth to two children, Lydia in 1845 and Isaac in 1849.  I'm not sure of her death year, but an educated guess is 1863.  These two great great grandparents are still hiding - no cemetery or death date information.

My mother maintained that she was of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh descent.  I have yet to find the Welsh and suspect it is part of the Irish background.

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