Apr 14, 2015

Lost obits

I've been going over some ancestor files once again to see if anything new has popped up in my newspaper sources.  Some I find; some I don't.

I'd love to find the obituary for William M. McCabe (1885 - 1951), born in West Bloomfield, Ontario County, New York, married Margaret O'Connor O'Toole about 1923 and died in Rochester, New York in 1951.  I have a very brief death notice but no obituary.  He is buried in Canandaigua with his family at FindaGrave Memorial #123806832.  Bill McCabe was my husband's step-grandfather - the only grandfather he knew.

Another ancestor, from an earlier time, is John Farnum (name later spelled  Farnham).  There are actually three John Farnums in a row that are elusive, as well as their ancestor Ralph Farnum:

Ralph Farnum (married Elizabeth Holt).  He was born 1633 in Rochester, Kent, England and died 1691 in  Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.  He was my 9th great grandfather.

Ralph's son, John Farnum (married Elizabeth Parker) was born 1664 in Andover and died in 1729, also in Andover.  

John's son, John, usually seen as Farnham, who married Joanna Barker, was born 1684 in Andover, died in 1762 in Andover.  He does have a FindaGrave memorial, but no obituary so far.

Next in line is John Farnham, born 1711 in Andover, died 1786 in Andover.  John married Sarah Frye.  He is in the Old North Burying Ground in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts and his FindaGrave Memorial number is 13999583.  This John was my 6th great grandfather.

My 5th gg was Daniel Farnham.  I have nothing but a beginning and an ending for him:  1741-1814 and a wife's name of Lydia Porter.

Alfred Farnum (back to the "um" again) begets Sarah Farnham (back to "ham") who married a Riley and begets my 2nd great grandmother, Angeline Riley, shown elsewhere in this blog. 

Anyone have an obit for any one of these ancestors?

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