Jun 27, 2014

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Genealogy websites are back up and I've been enjoying the hunt, working with cousin Eileen from Wisconsin.  She's a great family genealogist on my Phelps side.  We're hunting for an elusive Belinda Beals from Delaware County, New York, to prove that she was married to our fourth great grandfather, Lachlan McDougall, prior to his migration to Canada and subsequent marriage to Sarah Ruthven. There are a lot of Beals in Delaware County and several migrated into Wisconsin about the same time as Lachlan's son, William, migrated there.  We just haven't yet found Belinda or any marriage, birth or death records.  We had always had the impression Sarah Ruthven was our fourth great grandmother, but she didn't immigrate to the USA until 1819.  Since Lachlan's son, William, was born in 1815, he had to have had a different mother.  A couple of online sites give the information that Belinda Beals was his mother - thus the hunt began. 

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