Nov 25, 2013

2013 Early Thanksgiving in California

Thanksgiving (one week early) for our clan in California was on Friday, November 22.  The Ingrams were the host home this year.  We had a wonderful family time and family feast as always.

 The Ingram Family
Jay, Juliette, Jenna and Jill
Jay is growing a beard for "Mow"vember day - something to do with the Town of Moraga, where he is Director of Recreation.

The Toole Clan
Ellie, Mark, Carly, Sam and Aidan

The Breckenridge Clan
Shannon, Grace, Paul and Claire

Seven of our Twelve Grands
Ellie, Juliette, Carly, Aidan, Jenna, Grace, Claire
AND Emmy Belle on Jenna's lap - in a pink tutu.

The California Gang won't fit into one room these days.

Saying Goodbye to the Ingrams on 25 Nov 2013
Thanks for the wonderful hospitality!

Nov 11, 2013

238th Marine Corps Birthday Ball

We had a wonderful time at the 238th Marine Corps Birthday Ball sponsored by Utah-Dixie Detachment #1270 of the Marine Corps League, St. George, UT.  It was held at SunRiver's ballroom, which was packed.  

If you'd like more photos, click here for the Marine Corps League Detachment blog:
238th Marine Corps Birthday Ball-SunRiver St. George

Nov 1, 2013

Fun Names in Genealogy

Thought I would share some names that cropped up in one of my online searches this morning.  I was searching for a Germanic name on and found these:

Goes Along to the Medicine (Montana)
     Spouse:  Crow Flies High
     Child:  Hand in the Mitten

Bears Goes in the Woods (South Dakota)
    Spouse:  Red Medicine
    Child:  White

Stands Up and Goes  (South Dakota)
    Child:  William Stands Up and Goes

Goes Again (South Dakota)
    Spouse:  Runs Reckless
    Child:  Bull Runs Reckless

Husband of Goes to Dig Roots (Montana)
    Child:  Brings the Horses

Fox Goes Out (Montana)
    Spouse:  Long Bear
    Child:  Medicine Shell

Pahoom Bway We Dum Oke