Nov 1, 2013

Fun Names in Genealogy

Thought I would share some names that cropped up in one of my online searches this morning.  I was searching for a Germanic name on and found these:

Goes Along to the Medicine (Montana)
     Spouse:  Crow Flies High
     Child:  Hand in the Mitten

Bears Goes in the Woods (South Dakota)
    Spouse:  Red Medicine
    Child:  White

Stands Up and Goes  (South Dakota)
    Child:  William Stands Up and Goes

Goes Again (South Dakota)
    Spouse:  Runs Reckless
    Child:  Bull Runs Reckless

Husband of Goes to Dig Roots (Montana)
    Child:  Brings the Horses

Fox Goes Out (Montana)
    Spouse:  Long Bear
    Child:  Medicine Shell

Pahoom Bway We Dum Oke

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