Apr 26, 2013

Where is James Parks?

I am still completely bewildered by the lack of records and my inability to locate my great great grandfather, James Parks, of Indiana.  At this point, I find it quite likely that he was removed from Earth by aliens and was never seen again.  I know that he was in Indiana in 1850 and 1860 and in both of those censuses, it is stated he was born in Virginia.  He was married in 1845 (at age 55 when my great great grandmother was 36), which is generally supposed in our family to be his second marriage.  He and Eliza Jane Clevenger Thornburg (her first husband being Isaac Thornburg) lived first in Blackford County and later in Delaware County, Indiana.  

Property records indicate Eliza had property (or rather, her children from her first marriage had property) in Delaware county, but James does not seem to have had property of his own.    

For a number of years the family has searched for a trace of him, DNA has been submitted and some close matches have turned up indicating the earlier connection is likely in Northern Ireland, but I find no indication of the deaths of James and Eliza in Indiana or any other place. I have no photos, no indication of his parents names, no indication of a "first" family and no record of an earlier marriage, just his 1845 marriage to Eliza Jane.  It is believed Eliza died around 1863 and I find no record of James in 1870.  There seem to be no cemetery records for these two in Indiana, with just a suspicion that they were buried in the old, abandoned Swingley-Clevenger cemetery.

All I have is a photo of my Grandpa, a grandson of James Parks, who may or may not bear some resemblance to his grandfather.

I also have a few photos of Isaac Parks, James' son by Eliza Jane.  They are not very clear photos, but I will post one below in case there is a likeness that someone would recognize.

This is a steel reinforced concrete|brick wall, befuddling all of us who are searching for this ancestor.  Please, GGGrandpa, let us hear from you!

If you might have a clue, please e-mail me at dtoole[at]sunrivertoday[dot]com!

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