Feb 19, 2013

Flickinger Findings

It's been a busy genealogy time this winter.  I made contact with Margaret/Maggie on her line that involved the Flickinger that is mentioned in my blog under the Libby Murder.  That research is ongoing and very much fun.  We may solve a mystery of many decades!

Update:  We did indeed solve a decades old mystery!  Maggie's father had a daughter by an earlier marriage that no one in his second family knew about.  After a divorce, his first wife married three other men, the last of which was Flickinger.  This was the connection that helped us fill in the puzzle pieces.

Maggie has found the half-sister, unfortunately over a year too late since the half sister died in 2011 always wondering about her father and keeping his last name as her middle name, but Maggie now has new nieces who are busy getting acquainted with their "step aunt."  As the two families swap stories, they are filling in the gaps for each other, and planning a get together.  What a fun and rewarding time this has been!

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