Oct 15, 2012

Mystery Children - McDougalls??

Here's a photo, possibly circa 1890's of three children and one ratty dog!!  This photo was in my aunt's possession but she doesn't know who these children are.  For years she has been the repository for our family photos and now she is the last of her generation.  I am rebuilding her photo album/scrapbook and we'd like to discover who these children are.  

In a prior posting, I included a group photo that includes Persis McDougall Phelps.  A careful review of that group photo shows three children, at a slightly older age than this photo, who could well be these three children.  They are spread throughout that group shot, with the little girl close to the middle and the boys on each end.  Given that these three faces "could" be in the group shot, I am wondering if these are the children of Persis' brother, George McDougall (1853-1905) of Heart Prairie, Wisconsin.  His children were two boys, Colin (1883-1945), Shirley (1886-1951) and one girl, Nellie (b. abt 1889 - death unknown).  There is no identification of the photo whatsoever, other than a photographer's studio name which appears to be "Hoaglund and Anderson."  I've been unable to discover where that photographer was located in the timeframe of this photo.

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