Oct 4, 2009

Returning to My Roots - Piano, That is!

Can you imagine playing a baby grand for church services after a 30+ year hiatus? It's happened to me - with God's help (and He had everything to do with it every step of the way) as today was my first day tickling the ivories at Calvary Chapel. I played MANY years ago for my small church in LeMars, Iowa where I grew up, and then for several years in a large church in Los Angeles. Once I moved away from SoCal, I attended churches already set up with organists and/or pianists and orchestras, so I've had quite the vacation. I no longer have my piano since it was loaned out once we downsized, so I've been alternating between the SunRiver community center ballroom's grand piano and the church's baby grand, recently donated by a very generous donor, for my practice time. I must admit, I love every minute of the practice and the playing. It shows me how much I've missed my piano for worshiping in hymns and gospel songs.

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