Mar 12, 2015

11 Mar 2015 - She's 18!!

I know all grandparents say this - but it really doesn't seem possible she is 18 already!!  I was there at her birth and it seems like a couple years ago.  Here she is in 1997 at our home in Danville, CA:

And then there is now - on her way to college in the fall!!

Happy Birthday, my awesome Gracie Girl!

2015 Mar - Another Computer Crash

The computer gremlin got me again!  Apparently I've had too many genealogy programs open at once along with several news archives and word processing programs - without saving enough.  This from a former word processing trainer!!  Wow!  I won't be ignoring that anymore.  Found a super computer geek by the name of Lee Weese who did the impossible and saved the hard drive, fixed all kinds of errors and set me on the straight and narrow.  Fortunately I had good backups, so I don't believe I've lost many files.  Find him at
Rent@Geek.  Thanks, Lee!!!!