Apr 16, 2010

A Genealogy Angel

Today I e-met a gal who volunteers for FindaGrave.com, as do I, who took some photos of grave stones for me in a cemetery in Whitesboro, New York. I had info on a branch of Bill's Connors tree but no photos. She took photos and uploaded them to the website which completed my memorials to these ancestors. Thank you, Sue Cross!

Sue also sent me the following poem and indicated I could use it and the author's name here. Very cute - explains it all!

The Elusive Ancestor
By Merrell Kenworthy
I went searching for an ancestor. I cannot find him still.
He moved around from place to place and did not leave a will.
He married where a courthouse burned. He mended all his fences.
He avoided any man who came to take the U. S. Census!

He always kept his luggage packed, this man who had no fame.
And every 20 years or so, this rascal changed his name.
His parents came from Europe. They should be upon some list
of passengers to U.S.A., but somehow they got missed.

And no one else in this world is searching for this man.
So, I play geneasolitaire to find him if I can.
I'm told he's buried in a plot, with tombstone he was blessed,
but the weather took engraving, and some vandals took the rest.

He died before the county clerks decided to keep records.
No family Bible has emerged, in spite of all my efforts.

To top it off this ancestor, who caused me many groans.
Just to give me one more pain, betrothed a girl names JONES!